These are some of the most frequent questions we receive. Please take a look and if your question has still not been answered, we would love to hear from you! You can submit further questions in the form located below.

Do I have to sign a contract

No. You can schedule as needed. As many or as few times as you would like. We have created package deals that will save money in the long run. We also have a 3-tier membership program that allows you to take advantage of extra perks and even deeper discounts. We do believe that a structured routine cleaning of your apartment will provide you with the best experience in regards to our service.

Do you charge extra fees for "deep cleaning", half baths, etc.?

Unlike many competitiors that hit you with hidden fees and charge you extra for everything, we only charge a flat rate. We bring simplicity to the process and shoot it to you straight. Here at the Buckhead Butler we believe that when one of our butlers come to clean your home, it should be clean. You shouldn't have to pay extra to get that. However, some things do require extra attention and therefore require extra time. We offer two as needed cleaning types. For a small extra fee, it will allow our cleaners to focus on areas that are not normally hit during routine cleanings.  

How will the Buckhead Butler know the way I would like my apartment cleaned?

The first visit can be scheduled as a meet and greet where you will get to know your butler. This will be your personal cleaner. A walk through will be done throughout your living quarters and notes will be taken along with a checklist so that the experience is completely tailored to your needs. This initial form of contact can be essential throughout your time with the Buckhead Butler seeing that each visit to your apartment will be modeled after your standards and expectations. We need to know your likes and dislikes. Anything that you are allergic to. This is about you!

After the initial meeting, when can I schedule my first cleaning?

After the meet and greet, the butler will sit with you and schedule your first cleaning, or several if you prefer. Any additional scheduling can be done via online. Meet and Greets are not required in order to schedule cleanings.

Does the Buckhead Butler only service Apartments?

We specialize in apartments and condo's, but homeowners are welcome as well! Pricing will vary with homes and a quote can be given upon more knowledge of size and specification of needs.

I have an animal. Will this be an issue?

Of course not! This is another crucial part of the initial meet and greet if you feel it necessary. We do ask that the animal be crated. If your animal is not crate trained, then they must be friendly.


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